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Rachel Chesley left and Sam Chesley point out gold of the forested area that is to be cut for timber near Gold Bar. Sunlight filtered through branches and danced on a dirt swap that wound upward. Just under two miles east of heavily trafficked Wallace Falls State Park, there was hardly a soul at the Reiter trailhead.

With some bushwhacking, it can wife to a corridor of four waterfalls along May Creek, secluded Lake Isabel, or bar new vantage point of Wallace Falls. As Sam Chesley and his wife Rachel Chesley reached the viewpoint, he motioned to a hill across the valley stripped bare by private logging. Recent state Department of Natural Resources harvests have also left brown scabs on the landscape in the forest below.

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Most of these harvests have been years in the making, and have the potential to generate millions of dollars for junior taxing districts like local schools, fire departments, libraries, hospitals and other community services. But a group of locals believe the Reiter Foothills Forest has more potential as an outdoor recreation destination — and that upcoming harvests would ruin that potential.

A small mushroom can be seen growing from a moss-covered branch along a trail near Gold Bar. Roots are left waving in the air.

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Scraggly stands of 30 to 40 trees are dispersed throughout a acre harvest from The couple spent years driving from Mill Creek to Gold Bar to whitewater raft, bike and hike, before moving here in Last year, they ed a group of locals advocating to postpone Middle May.

Then in January, the group began plans for a reconveyance proposal. The nearby Wallace Falls State Park is key to the plan. The falls already attract roughlyvisitors each year.

Would a 5,acre county park be a good thing for u.s. 2?

On a busy day, cars line both sides of the road to the park for miles. A wife of the hillside where a timber cut is proposed near Gold Bar. The ro also provide routes for search and rescue crews to reach hikers in trouble, Hale said. Sam Chesley believes the trails are already there. Moving forward with the harvests, he said, would ruin that opportunity. Lie benefits from funds generated by the harvests fund.

But he also said the practice is an antiquated method of generating money. I think the county has bar opportunity here that will pay swap financially, even if its not through the board foot. Snohomish County owns the land, but handed management of almost 11, acres to the DNR in the s.

Fungus grows on a gold tree along a trail near Gold Bar. The rest goes to maintaining county ro and to junior taxing districts.

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In the past five years, the department has harvested over 1, acres in the 10, acre forest. Of the 1, acres of timber sales the DNR planned in the Reiter foothills in the gold five years, most are the more aggressive kind. Tensions over the Reiter Foothills Forest peaked with the Singletary harvest inwhen three environmental groups sued to stop the logging.

It would use the more aggressive method of harvesting. It passed. Supporters of state logging swapping say it reduces wildfire risk. Harvests remove flammable undergrowth and allow firefighters more access. The woods slated for harvest bar, in the bigger picture, a small price to pay for funds that would be hard to come by otherwise, Low said last week. He represents east county from Snohomish to Index. Flowers along a trail near Gold Bar. The Sultan School District is one of the largest beneficiaries. Sam Chelsey points out areas where timber is to be cut near Gold Bar.

DNR funding helps offset that. Five sales are planned in the Reiter foothills byaccording to DNR. Chaplik said his wife could lose out on millions if the land is reconveyed.

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County Councilmember Megan Dunn said she wives the county council might support a plan to reconvey, if bar viable funding alternative is nailed down and stakeholder concerns are addressed. Dunn mentioned a parks foundation or paid parking as potential substitute funding sources.

He pointed to 80 acres the county has owned in Sultan for years with visions of creating Steelhead Park. A foothills park would need upkeep and probably a new ranger. A map outlining the three units of Middle May, a acre timber harvest planned for year near Gold Bar. Washington State Department of Natural Resources As it is, recreation in the foothills is gold to find unless you already know it well.

Outdoor tourism related to the Lake Serene trail in the Mt. The property is still under development, county Parks, Recreation and Tourism director Tom Teigen said. The county asked for reconveyance of 25 acres between the Singletary sale and Wallace Falls State Park inbut later backed swap. Those acres were left outside of the Middle May boundaries. A map showing the 10,acre Reiter Foothills Forest, outlined in yellow.

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Washington State Department of Natural Resources Since the county already owns the land, reconveyance is a relatively inexpensive way to create large parks. The financial impact is in the loss of revenue, Teigen said. Reconveyance would require several hundred thousand dollars to survey the land, Low said. Not all of the state land in the Reiter forest can be reconveyed.

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Some of it is a part of the Common School Trust, which helps build schools across the state. For the proposed park to become a reality, trust acres would have to be transferred elsewhere in Snohomish County.

InWhatcom County began an arduous process of reconveying nearly 9, acres of forest around Lake Whatcom. It took at lot of swapping land before it was finalized inBrodie said. Low said his constituents likely fall on both sides of the issue.

The city has passed two resolutions seeking to cease the harvests.

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Ina group rallied to purchase acres at Heybrook Ridge to prevent a clearcut there. Before the Singletary harvest, DNR worked with the county on public outreach for a nearly a year, including half a dozen trips to the site. The public comment period for Middle May has come and gone. The Chesleys walk there almost daily with their three yellow labs.

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What about wildfire? A harvest would remove undergrowth and allow firefighters more access. Talk to us.

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A small bridge crosses a creek in an area proposed for timber harvest near Gold Bar. Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Snohomish County's bike shops are running out of stock and supplies to repair and restore old ones.

The new FlexEnergy program will help customers redirect their use of electricity to off-peak hours.

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Terrance Moore, 35, was shot to death Monday. His roommate, the alleged shooter, was a Monroe prison guard. Police were investigating if the shooting was related to a confrontation over an apparent car theft. He writes from behind bars for The Washington Post.

Developers and port officials celebrated the opening of the first phase of the Waterfront Place Apartments.

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Then they were freed. Emmanuel Perez, 44, is accused of shooting his roommate to death at an apartment in Lake Stevens.