Based in Portland, Oregon (nicknamed “Bridge City” by locals, from whence the Crooners get their name), Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners demonstrate a terrifyingly high level of musicianship for a band whose oldest members are still years away from 30!  Jacob Miller is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, and Wisconsinite (Go Pack!).  Driving the rhythm on the tenor guitar/plectrum banjo (and vocals) is James Ramey.  Nate Lown joins on trombone and vocals, while Leon Cotter holds court on clarinet and saxophone.  Ben Hampton rocks steady on drums, and Cary Miga plays upright bass.  Jacob and the Crooner’s music pulls textures from a wealth of musical idioms, from early jazz to country blues to jugband swing, with influences from 60s B-side soul and early rock.  With tight harmonies, musicianship, and stamina that only the most devoted players can pull off, Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners are the freshest breath of air that the west coast has to offer!



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