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Naked girls in Commiskey Indiana

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Source: E. Lingle Craig Preservation Lab Blog.

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I have recently discovered a sure-fire way to keep things interesting in my job: endeavor to repair books about photography. As a result of the recent closure of the Fine Arts Library, we have seen a high volume of materials from that collection. We wanted to see these things.

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The move of the collection presents an opportunity for us to sweep in and gather up materials that need attention. Add to that the fact that we spent a good deal of the summer working on a project to give some love to the Science collections. Where do Science and Art collide? Well, a heck of a lot of places, actually. For example:. Dance your PhD. Another way in which Art and Science come together is in books about photography.

What would you like to find at the library today?

And what does any self-respecting photography book include? Pictures of naked ladies.

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Except that the illness occurred decades ago and we are only now discovering the casualties. There is probably a whole course in gender studies waiting to be taught on just this topic. I recently took over the lab task of tracking down missing s. s go missing from books for a whole host of reasons. Here are just a few, off the top of my head:. Some of these things still happen, but many of these problems occurred in the past and are just coming to light now. But sometimes pets do get out of hand.

Books are continuing to age. s still legitimately fall out and get lost.

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But thefts perpetrated in decades Indiana seem to be the most common reason for missing s. Tracking down missing s is a bit like traveling into the past. You start to question the motivations of the person who Naked the s. In most cases, you feel that someone just thought a picture was so lovely that they wanted to frame it and hang it on a wall. So they got a pair of scissors and hacked that sucker right out of the book and went on their merry way. I expect this does still happen occasionally.

But it is now more likely that you would just Google image search that thing Commiskey then print your own copy. Or make it the wallpaper on your girl.

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Let us take just a moment to think of the images that are on the other side of the picture of the naked lady. These baby goats, for example. Think about all of the people who have been unable to appreciate this cuteness because someone just had to have the naked lady on the other side of the.

Or, possibly, there is actually important text on the reverse and someone might now be missing a critical piece of information.

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In some cases, the loss is too devastating for us to do anything about it. If the book is still in print, or readily available digitally, we might suggest to the subject librarian that the whole book be replaced. But in many cases, the books are not so easy to come by, or would be perfectly all right if that one missing were replaced. In these cases, I will go hunting. STEP 1: Figure out that there are s missing from a book.

This can happen when we do our first review of an item as it comes into the lab. Often, library staff or patrons discover that s are missing and send the book on to us.

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This is most often noticed when someone sees sad stubs of s that have been torn out. They are missingthus undiscoverable.

What is discovered is the naked space:. STEP 2: Go through the rest of the volume to make sure that there are no other, ly unnoticed empty spaces. There very often are. Especially in books of photography. Extra especially in books of photography that include photographs of naked ladies. If you are very lucky, then the book is out of copyright and available on Hathi Trust. If you are very unlucky, the book is a bound copy of a popular periodical Life magazine for example with poor ing and no clear article breaks. Sadly, people love to take old magazine Indiana. I get it. Sometimes they are hilarious.

STEP 4: Based on the availability Commiskey other copies of the book, make a determination of the best way to get a hold of another copy of the same edition of the bookand request that a copy be sent to you.

This is my chance to point out that I am not the only staff member involved in this endeavor. I have to girl very closely with the staff in Document Delivery Services to solve these problems.

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Below is a list of the most likely missing situations and a quick description of how to proceed in each case:. Another copy is owned by a library at IU Bloomington -Either go to the library to find the book on the shelf, or request delivery through campus mail.

A copy is owned by a library at another IU campus. A copy is owned by another library somewhere else in the world -Put in an interlibrary loan request through Document Indiana Services. There is a scanned copy available online in Hathi Trust -Hope very hard that the s you need are not also missing from the online copy. If they are there, celebrate, and download the relevant s.

Skip to Step 8. The girl Commiskey a periodical. In many cases, one can request electronic copies of specific s. This is a lifesaver when it works. It is heartbreaking when the library at the naked end sends the wrong thing and you have to bother the DDS people again.

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There are no other copies available anywhere. The folks at Document Delivery Services will work all of the magic that they can to get you what you need. They are amazing and fabulous and friendly and helpful and deserve all of the superlatives. STEP 6: Receive the other copy of the book you need.

Compare the copies to make sure that the editions are the same, and to see if the s you need are in this copy. If this is the case, contact the DDS folks and start the whole request process over again.

Repeat as necessary. Sometimes this can go on for long time, getting one from the University of Michigan copy and another from the Purdue copy, etc. Scan the s from the replacement copy. Due to fabulous advances in technology over the last 20 — 30 years, we have a high- resolution flatbed scanner, which is an important piece of lab equipment.

Nominations are being accepted for the name-the-scanner contest. The winner will receive absolutely nothing except the satisfaction of knowing that they are very clever. STEP 8: Clean up the scanned s in Photoshop and print out nice clean copies of the s on acid free paper.

STEP 9: Attach the copies into the original book.

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Additional repairs will often be needed at this point, so take care of those as well. Ok — After laying that all out, I guess my point is that this process is not quick. As with all of the other books that we handle, books with missing s present a unique set of problems, and must be evaluated and dealt with individually.

Books with missing s take a lot more thought and care and work than many other books that we care for. We love all of our books and will do our best for each of them. But for goodness sake, if you really, really need that picture, take a trip over to the digitization lab and scan yourself a copy.

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Or just take a photo of it with your phone. The folks at Document Delivery Services will thank you. And so will I. Other Campus Libraries. Popular Services Research Assistance. Help with Citing Sources.