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Whiskey and Beers Chill Take It from There

There are benefits to tasting whiskey and bourbon at room temperature. What does that entail? A lot of product testing and a lot of drinking.

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However, there are some techniques that can heighten the experience of drinking whisky, making it even more pleasurable.

How to drink scotch whisky

Try different glasses and different temperatures. Add a little water, or a mixer.

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Try a cocktail. A huge part of the flavor of food and drink comes from the way it smells — and whisky is no exception. Enjoying the aroma of whisky can be hugely rewarding.

The 6 best products to keep your bourbon whiskey cold

Savor the flavor by allowing the whisky to roll over your tongue, before letting it slip smoothly down. A good whisky will present a whole range of flavors and scents — many of which you may find familiar. The flavors experienced are unique to each person, with certain elements being stronger to some than others. Discussing the flavors you discover with friends is one of the many joys of drinking whisky.

Chilled drink calculator

Both have their benefits! The simplest way to enjoy your whisky is neat, cleansing your palate with cool water between sips.

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Many people also add a few drops of water to their whisky, which can open up the flavors as the liquids combine. Adding ice to Scotch instantly makes for a more refreshing experience, but it can also ificantly change the flavor profile as it dilutes the whisky.

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Chilling whisky has the effect of muting some flavors, and enhancing others. To find a balance that works for you, consider the amount, shape and size of the ice, as well as the measure of whisky.

The 50 best drinking songs

The more ice in the glass, the slower it will melt — and the impact will, of course, be greater on a single measure than a double. Some people prefer to use a single, larger ice cube or even an ice ball to really slow the rate at which it melts.

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Another option is to invest in some whisky stones — made of metal or soapstone — to use as a replacement to ice. However you chill your Scotch, the act of taking small sips and savoring each one will rapidly bring the temperature back up. As the whisky warms, the taste will evolve — allowing you to experience a broad spectrum of flavor. The mark of a truly great whisky, is its versatility.

How to drink scotch according to a scottish bartender

Combining Scotch with a mixer makes for a longer, more accessible drink — a fantastic way to ease yourself into the world of whisky, without compromising on flavor. One of the simplest ways to enjoy whisky, is as a Highball.

Fill a tall glass with lots of ice, a measure of your favorite Scotch, at least two parts to one in favor of your mixer of choice, plus a complementary garnish. And there are no rules that mandate expensive whiskies should only be served straight up, either.

All kinds of wonderful cocktails can be made with Scotch.

The only thing that matters is your enjoyment. In our opinion, no other spirit works as well in so many different ways as whisky. Its taste and texture allow for a myriad of creations and diverse interpretations. From Whisky Sourto the Scotch Old Fashioned — its complex flavor profile works with the widest range of taste combinations.

The 50 best drinking songs

So whether your cocktail is intended to be sweet, spicy, sour or bitter — it really is the quintessential ingredient. View our selection of whisky cocktails. Johnnie Walker Red Label. Johnnie Walker Black Label.

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Johnnie Walker Double Black. Johnnie Walker Green Label.

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years. Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Johnnie Walker Limited Editions.

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Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker. White Walker by Johnnie Walker.

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Legendary 8. What is the best way to drink scotch whisky? Consider these few things before getting to the whisky itself.